Make it Okay

I just had a very emotional experience. I’m someone at lives with post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. For that I have an emotional support animal. And his name is Walter. I had a disturbing interaction at my building when I was picking up a package. I came in from a jog with Walter and…

Great Day For Baseball

I’m downtown Minneapolis at Target Field at the Twins stadium. I also got to sit on the throne, where I belong…. Love Game of Thrones! Baseball is timeless.

Strange May…

Well we have had our ups and downs with Minnesota’s weather this spring. We were spoiled with a couple days of 70° followed by a 35° drop in temperatures. This morning it was low 30°s and we saw a couple flurries. No joke! It was a cold dog walking day… praying for warmer days.

Chicken is What’s for Dinner

The #chicken is in the oven! My Spatchcock chicken is smothered in truffle olive oil, salt, pepper, rosemary, and umani seasoning. I can’t wait to try it out! 450° for 45 minutes.

Walter the dog

Walter is 9 months old and a bundle of joy. He is a cavapoo puppy with a great personality and cute as can be!

The Saint Paul Art Crawl

This spring, Lowertown kicked off the Art Crawl with lots of participation in the yarn art. It was very colorful and creative.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

A rainy April day in Saint Paul, Minnesota. But its okay because things are slowly greening up. I’m so excited to see the tree buds bloom. Spring is here!

Small Plate #5

Final plate for our #eastersunday meal. Toasted gluten-free pumpkin spice waffle, #traderjoes vanilla dairy-free ice cream, cinnamon brown sugar honey and maple syrup glazed on top. If you can have dairy, add a sprinkle of chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

Small Plate #4

Small (4lb) ham, for two, glazed with cinnamon brown sugar honey, maple syrup, salt, pepper, cumin, and speared with some pineapple chunks. Cooked in a mixture of 1/2 cup of equal parts- water and fresh pineapple juice. Ham 325° 20 minutes per pound #food #foodie #foodphotography #blogger #blog #bloggerlife #cooking #recipes #midwest

Small Plate #3

Small plate #3 for #eastersunday Butternut squash soap with Gluten-free cranberry toast #cookingblogger #saintpaulminnesota #minnesota #bloggerlife #minnesotagirl #midwestbloggers #juliebird #foodblogger #food