Mears Park

Mears Park is located in the heart of Lowertown which is in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Lowertown is known as the art district of Saint Paul. Lowertown is also very dog friendly and Mears Park is no exception. I love watching all the dogs enjoying the park. Mears Park a majestic park with a stream, stage, and beautiful landscape. Mears Park is home to many festivals, concerts, and community gatherings. Jazz Fest, Blues Fest, and Music at Mears to name a few…

Mears Park was formally known as Smith Park, Baptist Hill, and Park Square. In 1992 Mears Park had major construction. It was designed by artist Brad Goldenberg and landscape architect Don Ganje. It is in the center of Lowertown and there for the community to enjoy.

I find myself in Mears Park reading, drawing, meeting friends, and enjoying the live music. Food trucks are generally lining the parameter of the park in the summer during lunch hours. Mears Park is truly a breathtaking park with a balance between water, landscape, nature, and man-made elements. Come visit the park on your way to a Saint Paul Saints game, Farmers Market, dining in Lowertown or coming for the activities. Get ready for summer and plan your next visit to Mears Park with friends and family.

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