Michelle Kaye

Michelle Kaye – Local Recording Artist

Michelle is an award winning recording artist and composer. Michelle currently lives in and loves Saint Paul, Minnesota. She is a classically trained pianist since age five and by age ten she took up percussion. Michelle said, “music is the ability to express and convey emotions through the magic of sound.” Although she no longer is writing music for a living, she now enjoys it as a hobby. She finds fulfillment in writing music with her recording software. Ms. Kaye states she is grateful for this gift from God.

In the past Michelle has released seven solo CDs since 2009. In 2015, Michelle won best pop and dance song for her single “Don’t Disappear” and best Christian Ballod for “A Prayer Away” from a Nationally based company in Los Angles, California.

I asked Michelle what do you like most about Saint Paul? She said she loves living downtown and being able to walk to the parks. Michelle enjoys the friendly culturally diverse community, accessibility of Metro Transit, and the restaurants. One of her favorite places to go is the Boom Shack Market on West 7th Street. She goes there for their awesome breakfast sandwiches and phenomenal staff. Boom Shack Market is a small convenient store with a delicious deli.

Michelle has lived in Saint Paul since 2002 and lived downtown for three years. She has seen downtown transform and grow in the last 15 years. She has watched West 7th Street change with new upscale condos, hotel, and casual dining. Michelle said it is good to see that side of town flourish.

“As much as there are things to do at night in Saint Paul, I appreciate the city still stays quiet.” Michelle Kaye

Michelle Kaye’s Music

More of Michelle’s Music


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