Rustic Dining Room Decor

My style is rustic country meets industrial downtown. This is the start of my new dining room decor. There are a couple more items I want, but I think it’s close.

New Buffet Table

My soon-to-be husband put our new buffet table together. It took a while, but another good quality product from #wayfair

Rainy Day

The rain started this morning and it’s supposed to continue throughout the day. I love rain. I feel it can be cleansing. It’s also a perfect day to curl up with a good book, tea and cozy blanket. Too bad I’m stuck at work… I’m sporting my mustard color dress with dark grey leggings and…

Winter Wonderland in St Paul, April 10, 2019

#nofilter needed, it’s a winter storm warning for Saint Paul, Minnesota. It’s going to be a winter wonderland for the next couple of days after we enjoyed above 60° weather the previous week. In the end it will make us #countourblessings for each day this summer.

Spring Jinx

#typicalminnesota… my daffodils started to bloom yesterday and now they are saying it’s going to snow the next couple days! We had 60 to 70゚ weather here the last couple days and I feel we all were just silly to think it was spring already. Even my daffodils were #fooled ! Sorry Minnesota, winter or…

Country Meets City Living

I recently finished my decor in my new kitchen. I am loving the rustic country touches in my city apartment. Simple colors and country charm… The bread box and shelve are from Hobby Lobby. The candle and plugin are from Bath and Body Works. Lights are from ACE Hardware.