The Snow is Back

Yep, the weather channel was correct… The snow has returned to Minnesota after a couple beautiful 60 degree days. Hopefully it doesn’t stick around for long.

Spring Jinx

#typicalminnesota… my daffodils started to bloom yesterday and now they are saying it’s going to snow the next couple days! We had 60 to 70゚ weather here the last couple days and I feel we all were just silly to think it was spring already. Even my daffodils were #fooled ! Sorry Minnesota, winter or…

Country Meets City Living

I recently finished my decor in my new kitchen. I am loving the rustic country touches in my city apartment. Simple colors and country charm… The bread box and shelve are from Hobby Lobby. The candle and plugin are from Bath and Body Works. Lights are from ACE Hardware.

Monday Evening in St Paul

Hope everyone had a great Monday. It was a beautiful, warm day here in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Unfortunately, word on the street is we are supposed to get smacked with a little winter storm this week! Yuck! I’m praying the weather forecast will change. We were very spoiled the last couple of days and Minnesota…

Yoga at Union Depot

I love Saint Paul for many reasons, but one of the best things about Saint Paul is the activities in the city. Every Saturday, Union Depot has free yoga at 9 am. The instructors are from Studio 925 and they do a great job. I am always comfortable and the poses are for all levels….

Quick Spanish Rice

I have plenty of things to do tonight, most of it’s homework, but didn’t want to grab to-go food. I had about an hour to scramble something together. It ended up great, filling, and easy. Quick Spanish Rice 2 cups of jasmine rice 2 teaspoons of LOW FODMAP taco seasoning 1 can diced tomatoes with…


Meet Walter. He’s our 7 month old cavapoo puppy. Walter loves going to doggie daycare, chewing on fluffy toys that squeak and eating anything thats peanut butter flavor. He is adorable, and VERY high energy at times, but that’s a puppy for you. Walter’s smart and loves to cuddle. I I’m am so proud to…

Peaceful Bench

Last weekend we walked around Mears Park with #walterthedog. The snow glazed over the park so peacefully.

Jalapeño Ground Beef 2:1

This is a beef recipe that is simple and can be used in two ways (2:1). This recipe can easily substitute ground beef with ground turkey or ground chicken. Recipe 1: Jalapeño Sliders Buns (I use Udi’s Gluten Free Hamburger Buns) 1.5 lbs. Ground Meat (Your choice) 1 Medium Yellow Onion 2 Cloves of Garlic…